Global Scholars Diploma Online!

Global Scholars Diploma (GSD) is a virtual program of the Global Fluency Institute that provides high school students with the skills, experiences, and a mindset to succeed in our increasingly interconnected global society. The program will officially launch in the fall of 2022.  
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About the Global Scholars Diploma Online


  • 4 live, virtual events w/ professional
  • 4 self-paced, online modules 
  • Quarterly workshops 
  • Peer to peer engagement​ 
  • Take Action project and advisor (Year 3)​ 
  • Year End Graduation celebration 
  • Recognition: Certificate/Diploma​ 
  • Scholarship Opportunity​ 
  • Alumni Network​ 

Learning Hours: 25+ 


Global Competence:​
Developing the knowledge, skills, and mindset to thrive in a global society​ 
Transversal Skills:​ 
Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Empathy, Etc (per UNESCO) ​
Global Cultures, Global Careers, Global Issues, Taking Local Action 

Resources for Parents/Guardians

  • Designated contact person​ 
  • Resource toolkit to support student orientation, transcript/credit, graduation, etc​ 
  • Ongoing student progress reports​ 
  • Year End Student Success Portfolio​  
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