Creating a globally fluent world.

 Fostering global skills for professionals, educators & students.

Developing global fluency is a lifelong journey. Anchored in research from Harvard University, other internationally acclaimed resources, and informed by a National Advisory Board consisting of members from organizations such as Brooking Institution, Google, Council on Foreign Relations, eBay, and ASCD among others, The Global Fluency Institute provides individuals with the knowledge, tools, skills, and mindset to function successfully in an interconnected, culturally diverse world.
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The Global Scholars Diploma, a “global education for all” program that thrives on inclusivity, equity, and access for all, develops globally competent students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary for leadership, citizenship, and careers in an interconnected, global society.

In partnership with school districts, the Global Fluency Institute champions The Global Scholars Diploma program through innovative, interactive, and experiential approaches, global community partnerships, and collaborating business, governmental, and academic leaders.
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In today’s global economy, the ability to work cross-culturally is more valuable than ever. Global Fluency Training is a professional development resource designed to increase professionals’ cross-cultural competency. The global fluency program was developed to serve professionals as they work collaboratively with the global community and economy. Global Fluency training provides professionals with the skills to communicate with, understand, and leverage cultural diversity.
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“If you understand the country you are looking at…you’ll take away more, and you’ll be more aware of new ideas and opportunities, of how people are reacting to things. When you widen your perspective, you widen your opportunities.”
Heidi Eldred
PreventAGE Healthcare

Columbus Council on World Affairs

51 Jefferson Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215

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